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We recognise the need for our clients to get the maximum amount of return from their investment…

AVAILABILITY: Obvious we know…but if it’s not on shelf, you can’t make a sale.  Our team can help identify stock issues in store and report these back…or in some cases effect change immediately by simply replenishing stock or working with the Store Team to find a resolution.  

COMPLIANCE: Everything in the right place can be the difference between making a sale or not. Give us the tools and we’ll make it happen…we’ll issue your planogram to our team and make sure its implemented.

STANDARDS: Sometimes it's about looking good for your customers. We can make sure your products are in the right places, that your stock is clean and presentable and before we leave make sure it looks the very best it can on shelf.

POINT-OF-SALE: If you paid for it, you want it in use. We can give you ‘eyes’ to see that your POS is in use and being used to maximum effect. Pictures tell a thousand words and we can deliver that for you. So not only can we place the POS, we can make sure it’s working its magic from day one. 

PROMOTIONS: You’ve funded a promotion and want to see this making a difference to your sales. Our team can help give it the very best start; making sure stock is out, any POS is in place, pricing is correct and the promotion is scanning correctly on the stores tills.   

INFORMATION: Is power…all projects are delivered to our clients via our own online portal; The Pixie Dust Data System. This provides 24 hour a day, 365 day a year access to any collected information; i.e. pictures, stock counts, store feedback.

"The key is in not spending time, but investing in it"

Stephen R Covey

Lola, Pixie Dust Merchandising's girl cartoon character
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